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-With a wide range of lawn and garden tractor attachments and a built-in choice of grass cutting methods, our riding lawn mowers gives you excellent usability for all kinds of yard work. It’s ideal for efficient lawn care and various tasks around your land all year round. Regardless of the model you choose, a Husqvarna riding mower will take your mowing experience to a new level in comfort and performance.

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Our 2016 Inventory:


    YTH18542  $1499.95 To veiw specifications: Click here


 YTH22V46  $1699.95 To veiw Specifications: Click Here


 YTH22v42 $1799.95 To veiw Specifications: Click Here



 YTH24V48  $1999.95 To veiw Specifications: Click Here


 YT42LS  $2099.95  To veiw Specifications: Click Here


 YT46LS  $2299.95 to Veiw Specifications: Click Here


 YT54LS  $2649.95 to Veiw Specifications: Click Here


 GT52XLS $3299.95 to Veiw Specifications: Click Here


Things to keep in mind when buying a tractor.

  • Consider the deck size that best suits your lawn size and complexity.
  • Consider a garden style tractor if you plan to use your tractor with ground engaging accessories.
  • By using different types of accessories our tractors can be adapted for collection, BioClip and ejection. To suit your type of lawn and mowing habits.
  • Most side ejection tractors can be equipped with the 2- or 3-bin collector accessory.
  • All side ejection tractors can be equipped with accessories for mulching.
  • A tractor with hydrostatic transmission is much easier to operate than a tractor with manual transmission. With manual transmission you have to stop the tractor each time you change gears. The hydrostatic transmission offers stepless adjustment while driving.
  • There are two different hydrostatic transmission solutions. For maximum comfort, choose a tractor with pedal-operated transmission, where speed and direction are controlled by separate pedals for forward and reverse. The other option is the lever-operated hydrostat. The lever is placed on the fender and is easy to access from the driver’s seat.
  • Our tractors can be equipped with a wide range of accessories for increased versatility all year round, for instance a collector for leaves, a dethatcher, aerator and spreader for lawn preparation, a snow blade or snow thrower for clearing driveways and paths and a trailer to make your work in the garden easier.
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Zero Turn

Husqvarna Zero-Turn Mowers

-Our zero turn mower’s steering system offers optimal efficiency. With wide cutting deck, high cutting speed and the ability to turn on its own axis without leaving any uncut areas, productivity is optimized. We offer a wide range of residential to commercial zero turn lawn mowers.

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-Our 2016 Inventory

Z246 $2699.95

Z254 $3499.95

Z248F $3499.95

W448 $399.95

mz 61

 MZ61  $5199.95 to Veiw Specifications: Click Here


P-ZT60  $8499.95 to Veiw specifications: Click Here

0% Financing Available*

FREE Delivery within 10 Miles

FREE Assembly & Prep

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Husqvarna Walk Behind Lawn Mowers


-A perfectly mowed lawn calls for a lawn mower that can handle both varying complexity and steep slopes. For this reason, we offer a wide range of push and walk behind lawn mowers, along with different cutting methods to meet all your requirements. We even have some mowers with all-wheel drive performance.

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-Our 2015 Inventory:


poulan push mower

 Poulan Pro 2-models $159.95 Or $189.95


5521L  $199.95 to Veiw Specifications: Click Here


 HU550FH  $299.95 to veiw specifications: Click Here


 HU625AWD  $329.95 to veiw specifications: Click Here


 HU700F  $349.95 to veiw specifications: Click Here


 HU675HWT  $349.95 to veiw specifications: Click Here


 HU625HWT $349.95 to veiw specifications: Click Here

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 Husqvarna Articulating Mower

-Articulated steering, unsurpassed manoeuvrability and front-mounted cutting deck, the combination of control, comfort and efficiency the Rider makes mowing and other tasks around your property/land all year round fun. And it’s hard to find places where these machines aren’t able to reach.

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 Lawn Tractor Attachments & Accessories